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              Popular Science for Quick-freeze


              How will you choose the quick-freeze food in supermarket?


              01.Focus on brand and Shelf Life

              In general, whether it is cold-chain transportation or production process, big brand will give you more quality guarantee. Although the quick-freeze food has longer shelf life, you should choose the products with shorter production date. When you eat, you had better firstly eat up these quick-freeze food nearest to the expiration date.


              02.Buy the food in the reliable supermarket with perfect freezing condition.


              What most influences the nutritive value of quick-freeze food is not quick-freeze but the cold-chain storage in the distribution chain. In normal case, the quick-freeze food cannot be unfrozen during the whole storage. But, it cannot be guaranteed by the cold chain at many places. So, a lot of microbes will be booming and their nutritive value and safety will be affected because part of quick-freeze food is unfrozen during the transportation and storage. So, when you buy the quick-freeze food, you should firstly check if the ice locker and refrigerator are in good condition. If the freezing condition is not good (especially the ice lockerwill be powered off in some supermarket at night), you had better not buy them.


              03.Choose the products with good packing and without ice block and ice crystal

              You had better not buy the loose-packed quick-freeze food especially all kinds of meat balls and hot pot balls. Although the wrapped quick-freeze food is a little expansive, they are much safer and sanitary. The texture of fresh quick-freeze fish, meat, shrimp, Jiaozi or vegetable should be uniform and there is no ice block and ice crystal in the package. But, if the temperature changes during the transportation or storage, big ice block and ice crystal will be formed. The products in the package may be adhered together and more and more ice blocks and ice crystals will appear. At this time, the food quality and taste will obviously become worse. So, you should look through the status of goods when you choose the quick-freeze food. When you see the ice crystal and adhesion, you had better not buy them. If you do, you should eat up them as soon as possible and cannot store them for a long time.


              What is quick freeze?


              The quick freeze means to put the pre-processed food in the quick-freeze equipment at about -35℃, make it quickly pass the biggest ice crystal formation zone from 0℃ down to -5℃and quickly lower the core temperature of food to -18℃so as to make the water in the food coagulated into micron-scale ice crystal, protect the cell tissue from damage, keep the cell viability of food material, store the flavor substance and nutritional content and lock the fresh and delicious taste.


              What is the nanoscale ice crystal lock fresh technology?


              Quickly freeze the food water into nanoscale ice crystal. Because it is quick freeze, the ice crystal formed by the water in the tissue is less than 5um. It will not damage the cell tissue even if it is distributed inside the tissue of food. When the food is heated, the nutritive juice will not come out. The original nutrition will be reserved at the greatest degree.