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              Online shopping mall:

              Raw Materials Control

              Formulate “Regulations on Development and Management of Suppliers”, Pass 4 Screening Procedures and Select Upstream Suppliers. Now, the main raw materials suppliers are the industrial leading enterprises and domestic & overseas famous enterprises. Formulate “Raw Materials Inspection Method”, Strictly follow acceptance standards in order to ensure the safety of raw and auxiliary materials. Cooperate with suppliers to set up the vegetable bases all over China, guide the suppliers to plant the vegetables, popularize the standard planting, ensure the quality of raw material products.


              Quick-freeze Technology

              Adopt the global leading JBT spatial freezing tunnel equipment and use the nanoscale ice crystal fresh lock technology so as to quickly freeze the water in food into nanoscale ice crystal (diameter: 0.000001mm), protect the cell tissue, avoid the loss of nutrient juice of reheated products and maintain the original nutrition and taste of food to greatest extent.


              Cold-chain transportation

              Have large-scale full-automatic low-temperature three-dimensional refrigeratory and can load 38000 tons of products.The temperature of low-temperature three-dimensional refrigeratory is accurately controlled at -20°C in order to ensure the products quality. Adopt the linkage pattern of sales, production and storage information, control the products revolution, improve the products freshness. Formulate “Cold Chain Management Rules” and install GPS system and temperature controller on the transport vehicles in order to monitor the whole cold chain transport process, ensure the products quality safety in the intermediate links and provide safe products for the consumers.


              Food Safety System

              Synear keeps improving the products quality safety management method, integrates ISO9001 quality management system and ISO22 food safety management system, formulates practical and effective food safety management system-upstream suppliers management, raw and auxiliary materials acceptance, production process monitoring, workshop sanitary control and finished products inspection in order to ensure the food quality safety.