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              Innovative Synear

              Product Innovation

              In recent years, the quick-freeze food industry is booming. With gradual improvement of consumers’ living level, the category of quick-freeze product also keep enriched and perfected. The quick-freeze products can provide more choice and possibility for our meals because they almost cover all kinds of food. The products of Synear Food have been developed into 6 categories and more than 400 varieties such as Zongzi, Huntun, pastry, snack and child nutrition series from the original Jiaozi and sweet dumpling. “Taste innovation” is the more appraises to Synear products. However, it is the final show for the enterprise strategy and research & development strength of the whole Synear Food.

              When entering the field of sweet dumpling, Synear Food completely realized that it was difficult to surpass the peer without innovation and it would be defeated in case of following the trend. Just under the guide of this idea, Synear researched and developed “mini sweet dumpling”, which shocked the quick-freeze industry. Synear makes the traditional big sweet dumpling into 4g mini sweet dumpling. With real stuffing, it tastes softer and more sticky. Once it is launched, it has won good comments from consumers. It quickly becomes popular throughout the country relying on the power from mouth to mouth.


              At the beginning of 2015, aiming at the targeted consumers after 80s and 90s, Synear Food introduced the western cooking way into Chinese food. So, Synear Food launched the “King Bull” serial Jiaozi with integration of Chinese and western food, stuffed the beef steak into Jiaozi and broke the routine with innovative idea. After this product was launched, it was quickly popular with the quality users. It has boosted the development of quick-freeze food industry.


              In 2015, Synear Food strove to provide more nutritive, healthy and abundant food for consumers so as to meet the new generation’s consumption needs for seafood and more nutrition. So, the gold brand shrimp Jiaozi “one shrimp in one Jiaozi” initiated in the industry was put into the market. Combining the convenience with the delicacy and nutrition, it becomes the popular food on the family dining-tables.


              In 2016, in order to provide more nutritive and healthy food for children, make the mothers feel relieved and babies eat happily, Synear Food officially put Child nutrition serial Jiaozi to the market: colorful Jiaozi wrapper, diverse tastes, natural and non-additive material, toy gift together with the package. All kinds of thoughtful details really meet the needs for the product “exclusive for baby, grow happily”. So, it becomes the reliable product chosen by many clever mothers. In 2017, the new product “steamed grain bread” and “quick-freeze steamed Jiaozi” followed the consumption needs for “healthy diet” and injected the new power for breakfast market.