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              Online shopping mall:

              Innovative Synear

              Quality Control Innovation

              The innovation of Synear Food is not only shown in the product and equipment, but also shown in quality control. The company has CNAS approved testing lab, national enterprise technical center and provincial engineering technology center. The company has passed ISO9001international quality management system certification, ISO22000 food safety control system certification and HACCP system certification. At the same time, the company successively accepted FDA field assessment in 2012 and 2018 and got the high appraise from the assessor. In 2019, all the products of Synear Food passed BRC (British Food Retailer) certification. With grade A certificate, Synear Food is the first enterprise which lists the whole products into global food quality safety certification system. So, Synear Food got the pass permit to put the products into the global mainstream food market.

              Synear Food always insists in the quality control from the farmland to dining-table and realizes the extension control of both ends so as to keep the food safe and delicious from the origin to the end.