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              Zhang Weining, the deputy direcotr of NPC Henan Standing Committee, came to Synear Food to inspect the situation of work resumption.


              On the morning of March 26, Zhang Weining, the leader of Henan Service Enterprise Work Resumption Special Team and deputy director of NPC Henan Standing Committee, and others came to Suiping Synear to investigate the situation of work resumption. Zhu Shixi, the mayor of Zhumadian City, He Dong, the secretary of CPC Suiping Party Committee and other municipal and county leaders accompanied them for investigation. General manager Zhu Yan of Suiping Synear and general manager assistant Wang Kehua of Suiping Synear received the investigation team.


              At the visit hallway, deputy director Zhang Weining and others carefully checked the field production condition in the workshop and knew about the enterprise’s epidemic prevention and control measures, capacity utilization, employee’s on-the-job rate, problems and difficulties in stabilizing and reaching the output and national and provincial work resumption policy to be enjoyed in the finance, taxation, employment and energy utilization. Zhu Yan made the detail report about the enterprise’s work resumption situation, financial loan, social insurance deduction and flexible power price policy enjoyed by the enterprise.

              Deputy director Zhang Weining listened to the report and highly appraised Suiping Synear to take several measures to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control, resume the work and quickly increase the output. He pointed that it was the important time to prevent and control COVID-19. As the enterprise ensuring the supply of people’s livelihood materials, Suiping Synear must increase the productivity and output at the greatest degree so as to guarantee the market needs. Relevant governmental departments should really solve all kinds problems and difficulties confronted by the enterprises during the work resumption, assist the enterprises to fight against the epidemic prevention and control war and resume the work in order.


              General manager Zhu Yan said: during this special outbreak period, Suiping Synear must overcome all the difficulties and continuously do a good job of epidemic prevention and control under great support of national policy and guide and help of provincial, municipal and county leaders. Under the precondition ensuring the enterprise’s safety production and operation and employees’ health and safety, Suipying Synear should actively organize relevant resources to raise the productivity so as to guarantee the market needs and make great contribution to the national economic and social development.