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              General manager Wang Peng delivers speech on Spring Festival 2020


              Adhere to Integrity  Cultivate Internal Force  Practice Earnestly  Control Future

              Time flies. The year 2020 crept in.

              Looking back on the past 2019, we achieved good results. These results have shown the efforts and struggling of the whole Synear people. Here, I express my sincere thanks to all the Synear people, our suppliers and distributors on behalf of my company. Thank you for your hard work!


              In 2019, the macroeconomic growth slowed down. Everything was uncertain because of a changeable situation. But, we still kept the growth of double digits. In 2019, our gold brand shrimp product began to take shape. In 2019, we had good cooperation with the new retailers such as Jingdong to Home, Dmall and others. In 2019, our products were exported to more than 50 countries. In 2019, our BP product was sold on the high-speed train and BP sales created new high again. In 2019, we passed FDA field assessment with zero defect and successfully got class A certification from BRC. In 2019, we took the firm step in the fields of production and marketing collaboration and opening of supply chain and began to make experiment for digitization of marketing system. In 2019, we took many measures to set up good work atmosphere and advocate the bottom-line culture. In 2019, we gained a lot......


              I clearly remembered I talked more about the problem of improving work style and enforcing the disciplines in my 2019’ New Year’s speech. The grass-root units also deeply studied my speech. In 2019, we did a lot of job in this side. Quite a few personnel without rules and bottom line was fired. A group of personnel with ideal, ambition and responsible sense was promoted to the leaders. The clean and upright working environment has been formed. Integrity is our base to step into the future and continue our business in next year even future several years. We must have a one-track mind in this work and strictly strengthen it to the end. Surrounding this work, we will speed up the combing and implementation of enterprise culture in this new year and arm our team with advanced culture, mission, vision and value sense.


              In the new year, the changes and uncertainty of macro market environment will be intensified. The research & development, market operation and management enhancement of homogenized products will also be intensified. We will confront an Uka era (changeable era). This will bring tough challenge for the core competitiveness of enterprise. We cannot think about the problems only by “investigation of things”. In fact, the difficulty is not outside but inside. You should seek the cause in yourself rather than seek from the outside. So, we want to raise higher requirements for the leadership of our cadres at all levels, especially that of cadres at medium and high levels. The leadership actually refers to the engergization and it can make the subordinates and employees grow together with us. The leadership also includes the capacity to distinguish the situation, fix the strategy and guide the direction under the complex environment, as well as the capacity to have stronger mind and cultivate self. 


              In the process of development, the enterprise needs to be continuously upgraded. It is unavoidable for some colleagues to fall behind. We should help them improve themselves and make progress with our love and open heart. In addition, a lot of new employees will be recruited. We should help them quickly integrate into the team and grow fast with our broad mind. The managerial cadres at all levels should help their colleagues, superiors and subordinates with positive attitude. Nobody will refuse “be loved”. Nobody will also refuse the growth and progress. The cracked place is that the sun can shine into.


              Engergization is the state of leadership. “Only help others can develop and perfect yourself and realize your dream” advocated by traditional Confucian thoughts is highly consistent with the Drucker’s idea “management can make common people have a marvellous performance”. The managerial cadres at all levels have duty and responsibility to help the subordinates grow and improve themselves, guide and change their working idea and habit. It is to cultivate big “morality”. In the process of their future growth, this “love” cannot be replaced by the promotion and salary increase.


              See clearly the situation and guide the direction are another state of leadership. Under the complex environment, the problem solution depends on calm thinking, judgement and decision. It can show the leaders’ decision and foresight, as well as the leaders’leadership. Our judgement and decision often relate to the success or failure of a team. So, we must respect our own job   and   role.


              Leadership comes from “inside cultivation”. The superiors always complaining the subordinates need to be improve themselves. For a team with bad work style, its superior is also worse. Li Yunlong can lead Wei Heshang and squadron. However, Zhang Zongchang can only lead the capitulation team with the gimmick “Dog Meat General”.


              Leadership comes from strong heart!


              Multi-sectoral functional structure of modern enterprise is superior to the organizational structure centering on personal elitism. It needs that the managerial cadres must have stronger trans-department leadership and communication ability.


              The person giving love to others will get the love from others and the person giving the hates to others will suffer from disaster. During the communication, you will get the sunlight if you give your love to others. On the contrary, you will get dark cloud if you give your hate and blame to others.


              Nothing always goes well and the leaders should make quick decision according to the changeable facts. The leadership promotion of managerial cadres at all levels will be very important for the company. Promote the enterprise’s core competitiveness by internal driving force and realize the enterprise’s comprehensive leap will be the way we will go in future. The company will provide all kinds of opportunities for everybody. The opportunities include external learning and exchange, trans-department and trans-foreground and trans-background work shift. All this is for improving the leadership of managerial cadres at all levels. Everybody should seize the opportunity, actively study, gradually cultivate yourself and take action so as to meet the challenge of new era and control more beautiful future.


              The year 2020 is the first year of the 2020s. The year 2020 is the first year of 12 Chinese zodiac. The year 2020 is destined to be the uncommon year. 


              The year 2020 is the year to cultivate yourself from “inside and outside”.


              The year 2020 is the new calendar era to create Synear’ s “combine the learning with practice”.


              In the end, happy new year to everybody. Wish your family happy and healthy and wish everything goes well with you!